Today you have made the decision, as an employer or candidate, to use the services of a recruitment agency. Now to help guide you. There are several services, qualities and experience that you should be looking for, and should certainly expect, from a reputable, success driven recruitment agency. We at GRecruit are confident that we will meet these standards and more.

A brief overview of our company…

GRecruit prides itself in our unique system and approach we take in the recruitment of best suited candidate employer relations that are facilitated by us. We conduct extensive research on both the industry and duties of the position needed to be filled before presenting a candidate, who has been prepared by us, with a hands on, face to face approach.

GRecruit’s CEO Giselle Harmsen is a passionate, enthusiastic, approachable and well organised person, with a strong work ethic. These are the characteristics and qualities that GRecruit is founded on and strives to meet. We believe that not only do we meet the necessary criteria of a worthy recruitment agency but we go above and beyond the norm of the industry.